Monday, June 6, 2016

Exploring Arkwright and Harris (Ingress Missions #23 and #24)!

Today Ingress took me Phenix Avenue (spelled correctly without the 'o') which brought me through West Warwick, Coventry, and Cranston Rhode Island.  Growing up in West Warwick, some of the landmarks were familiar to me, such as the Phenix Mural that has been weathered over the years that I last saw in as a child.  

There wasn't too much to see walking around the area.  I mostly walked past second hand shops, gas stations, churches, and a very small park.  Although not much on the eyes, I do remember the tree there to be lit up during each winter solstice.  I hope they still keep the tradition going!

Walking around in the heat really left me tired.  I sat on the bench and drank my water while I hacked portals that were in range.  I found another mission in the same area that covered a few portals I had just walked too.  Although I was pretty wiped out, I decided to get one more done.  

The mission went smoothly all the way down to the last check point which turned out to be a way-point a mile and a half away.  I popped the street name in my GPS and was directed near Arkwright Bridge, which was blocked off and closed.  I couldn't reach the way point and there were no places to park in the area in sight.  I drove around some side streets to find the other end of the bridge and it paid off... I was able to reach the check point as I walked up to the other side.  I was afraid I did all that work to be disappointed in the end.

My phone died within a minute of finishing the mission.  That was okay with me because I really wanted to go home and cool off.  I feel that I accomplished a good amount today and look forward to what Ingress throws at me next.

Ingress missions completed today: 002
1. Phenix Square Visit (West Warwick, RI)
2. Villages of Rhode Island - Arkwright/Harris (Coventry, RI)
New accumulative total: 024/500, IGN: Nicolethebomb

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  1. What is this Ingress? I go to Arkwright bridge every summer and googled the landmark to see results.