Thursday, June 2, 2016

Small Exploration of Pontiac Village (Ingress Mission #22)

I went on a mission to hit two enemy Level 8 portals I noticed earlier this morning in Warwick, Rhode Island. There was a mission in the area so I decided to cross it off the unfinished list. I turned navigation on and was brought to Pontiac, a small section of Warwick.

I parked at a small park where the portals surrounded. If it weren’t for Ingress, I probably would never have discovered the park. All the portals were within 675 meters of each other which is my favourite type of mission because I can get out and walk to them all.

The last portal I came across was an old, dilapidated mill.  I ended up cutting through a fence to get to it, which ended up being the hard way around.  Once I got to the portal I realized there was an open street that lead right past it but I had gone the opposite way.  By this time it was getting dark so I probably was a sight to see myself, wandering around an unknown town at sunset!

Shortly after hitting Home on my GPS, it took me by my local mall.  I had no idea how close I was to familiarity.  As much as I love to explore, driving gives me anxiety so it was nice to recognize where I was!  It feels so nice to be able to rest my feet now at home.  

Ingress missions completed today: 001
1. Pontiac Village - Anthony (Warwick, RI)
New accumulative total: 022/500, IGN: Nicolethebomb

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