Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Stepstone Falls Hike

Today I went to Stepstone Falls in Exeter, Rhode Island with some friends. We passed the water the first time going up an awkward dirt road but stumbled upon it as we decided where to park. I could have spent all day by the water it was so beautiful.

I even stumbled across some interesting feats of nature such as a tree growing atop of a rock.

But my favourite part, just above the awesome view of the water, was the little friend I made. All I had to hear was Rob say, “there’s a frog”. For the next ten minutes he sat in my hand as I walked on. I love the company of other animals.

Nature wasn’t the only thing we discovered. There were partially finished buildings, most beaten down by weather and marked up with graffiti and litter from visitors before us. Exploring the remains of what could have been a beautiful place to live felt lonely. 

We only stayed for an hour but I had a great time. I hope to venture out again, especially with the group of people I went with. I enjoyed the company.

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