Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ingress: Agent Level Eleven

When I first started paying Ingress I made it to fifty-nine days towards the sixty needed for the gold Sojourner badge. I had a fever on the sixtieth day and did not make it out to finish that tier of the badge. I became discouraged and stopped trying to for it which is silly because I would have made it past sixty days months ago if I had just started over. But it finally happened, and I'm glad... Seconds later, that Sojourner gold unlocked agent level eleven.

I have been keeping my game play on a low the past few weeks after harassment from the opposing faction, in which that agent approached me and my property in an aggressive manner and then circulated a photo he took of my car and license plate out to HangOuts/Slack chat with several members of that faction. I need to keep my chin up and think of all the positive influence playing Ingress has had on my life. I'm excited to come back as a level eleven agent and I look forward to the future wonderful people I meet on both factions, great memories, and new discoveries to be had... and of course, turning Rhode Island blue! I look forward to the adventures 2017 will see through the aid of my Ingress scanner, a little time on my hands, and endless wanderlust.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016 Comes to a Close

I'm not good with large groups of people. I'm shy, and I like to have my space. It's been a long two days as Anthony's family has big celebratory dinners on both December 24th and 25th, so I spent the last several hours between work and sitting among a huge, Italian family who are hugging and kissing me and putting more food on my plate long after I am full. As much as gatherings are nice, they exhaust me and I am glad that the part of the holiday season is over for now.

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Anthony even let me sneak a photo with him on Christmas day while we were in the car en route to family outing number two at his aunts house--now that is a gift!