Sunday, December 10, 2017

Conference Room Exam Study Session: BIOL 111!

It’s almost midnight and I am just walking in the door to home. I’ve been on RIC since around noon this morning. Tomorrow is the big final exam that will determine so much of the rest of my time at the school. My nerves have been high with the anxiety of test preparation and thinking about the weight of this exam on top of many stressors that are not college related which are distracting me and pulling me down. I’m keeping my head up high despite it and am ready to give tomorrow my best effort.

I met with three other students from my class at 2:00pm. We were able to get into an empty conference room and spent the day eating, going previous material and new material, and lecturing each other wit use of the white board and markers. It was a wonderful experience. DNA brought up such good discussions and the old material was helpful and more in depth than I could have gone into by myself.

I would normally have made up an excuse as to why I couldn’t meet up with people. Today I decided to stop letting anxiety and fear get to me and met up with the group. I’m glad I did… it was very helpful for understanding necessary material that I will be examined on as well as time spent with others. I was so worn down and tired so I did zone out for several pieces of it but it is my first positive memory of RIC. I’m thankful that I was able to be apart of the group!

Now it's time to get some sleep... so I am awake for more studying tomorrow!