Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pawsitive Thoughts

My professor said to keep positive. That’s a war waged against my anxiety that I rarely win, especially over final exams. A final exam that determines if I can continue with my B.S. in Biology is a bit too much for me to conquer in the short-term.

I finished the exam but not with a level mind. I knew after handing the test in that there were several questions that I did not know the answer too, many of which were because I couldn’t focus. That’s the worst feeling because I knew I had the information somewhere cataloged in my mind but fear won over and hindered me.


I had this shirt in my drawers and thought of it when I was thinking of, “positive”. It’s corny, but I wore it incase my professor reminded me to be positive again, it hopes to give her a chuckle. Too bad it doesn’t say almond milk or vegan cheese—I’d wear the shirt more often!

It feels good to have the semester come to an end. I just play the waiting game now until grades are posted. I have been trying to exams off my mind but it’s not easy. I’m not use to having free time, and therefore spend a lot of time thinking about school. If the weather wasn’t so frigid I would be able to tackle much more to distract me during the waiting period.

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