Saturday, July 16, 2016

Season Six - Gold V Achieved! (League of Legends)

I finally reached Gold V for Season Six!  Hooray, I’m super happy.  I won’t be missing out on the Victorious skin that will be released at the end of this season.

I can go back to playing the game for fun and for personal game improvement.  I’ve been so stressed going though ranked that at times I almost wondered why I was even bothering with the game at all.  What a relief! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Exploring Arkwright and Harris (Ingress Missions #23 and #24)!

Today Ingress took me Phenix Avenue (spelled correctly without the 'o') which brought me through West Warwick, Coventry, and Cranston Rhode Island.  Growing up in West Warwick, some of the landmarks were familiar to me, such as the Phenix Mural that has been weathered over the years that I last saw in as a child.  

There wasn't too much to see walking around the area.  I mostly walked past second hand shops, gas stations, churches, and a very small park.  Although not much on the eyes, I do remember the tree there to be lit up during each winter solstice.  I hope they still keep the tradition going!

Walking around in the heat really left me tired.  I sat on the bench and drank my water while I hacked portals that were in range.  I found another mission in the same area that covered a few portals I had just walked too.  Although I was pretty wiped out, I decided to get one more done.  

The mission went smoothly all the way down to the last check point which turned out to be a way-point a mile and a half away.  I popped the street name in my GPS and was directed near Arkwright Bridge, which was blocked off and closed.  I couldn't reach the way point and there were no places to park in the area in sight.  I drove around some side streets to find the other end of the bridge and it paid off... I was able to reach the check point as I walked up to the other side.  I was afraid I did all that work to be disappointed in the end.

My phone died within a minute of finishing the mission.  That was okay with me because I really wanted to go home and cool off.  I feel that I accomplished a good amount today and look forward to what Ingress throws at me next.

Ingress missions completed today: 002
1. Phenix Square Visit (West Warwick, RI)
2. Villages of Rhode Island - Arkwright/Harris (Coventry, RI)
New accumulative total: 024/500, IGN: Nicolethebomb

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Small Exploration of Pontiac Village (Ingress Mission #22)

I went on a mission to hit two enemy Level 8 portals I noticed earlier this morning in Warwick, Rhode Island. There was a mission in the area so I decided to cross it off the unfinished list. I turned navigation on and was brought to Pontiac, a small section of Warwick.

I parked at a small park where the portals surrounded. If it weren’t for Ingress, I probably would never have discovered the park. All the portals were within 675 meters of each other which is my favourite type of mission because I can get out and walk to them all.

The last portal I came across was an old, dilapidated mill.  I ended up cutting through a fence to get to it, which ended up being the hard way around.  Once I got to the portal I realized there was an open street that lead right past it but I had gone the opposite way.  By this time it was getting dark so I probably was a sight to see myself, wandering around an unknown town at sunset!

Shortly after hitting Home on my GPS, it took me by my local mall.  I had no idea how close I was to familiarity.  As much as I love to explore, driving gives me anxiety so it was nice to recognize where I was!  It feels so nice to be able to rest my feet now at home.  

Ingress missions completed today: 001
1. Pontiac Village - Anthony (Warwick, RI)
New accumulative total: 022/500, IGN: Nicolethebomb

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Stepstone Falls Hike

Today I went to Stepstone Falls in Exeter, Rhode Island with some friends. We passed the water the first time going up an awkward dirt road but stumbled upon it as we decided where to park. I could have spent all day by the water it was so beautiful.

I even stumbled across some interesting feats of nature such as a tree growing atop of a rock.

But my favourite part, just above the awesome view of the water, was the little friend I made. All I had to hear was Rob say, “there’s a frog”. For the next ten minutes he sat in my hand as I walked on. I love the company of other animals.

Nature wasn’t the only thing we discovered. There were partially finished buildings, most beaten down by weather and marked up with graffiti and litter from visitors before us. Exploring the remains of what could have been a beautiful place to live felt lonely. 

We only stayed for an hour but I had a great time. I hope to venture out again, especially with the group of people I went with. I enjoyed the company.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ingress Missions No. 19 - 21

I was able to do three missions today. It's amazing what I learn about my local area by playing Ingress. I found the Nathanael Greene Homestead just two miles from my own home in Coventry, Rhode Island.

After Nathanael Greene, my missions list took me to West Warwick. Here I ventured to a small park filled with old war memorials.  I sat down for a while and read a plague, drank my water, and searched for my last mission which continued in West Warwick.

The roads here were a little more congested as they had parking on both sides of the road some one-way streets, and intersections that confused me. This caused me a lot of anxiety so I was in and out of West Warwick as quickly as possible. I am proud of myself for going through with the missions and not backing out.

Ingress missions completed today:  003
1.  Villages of Rhode Island - Anthony (Coventry, RI)
2.  West Warwick Veteran Memorial Park (West Warwick, RI)
3.  Villages of Rhode Island - Arctic (West Warwick, RI)
New accumulative total:  021/500, IGN:  Nicolethebomb

Monday, May 30, 2016

Portland Maine Trip of May 2016

The norm is to see Anthony once a week on our single shared day off. When we found out that we both had Memorial Day off from work we jumped on the opportunity to spend time together. We didn't have many days in advance to plan to trip, so we just decided to drive up north and visit Portland, Maine as Anthony has been wanting to vacation there. He booked us a hotel for a night and we decided to pretty much just go with the flow of things as we had little preparation and planning time.

The weather was lousy most of the trip with overcast and rain. However, I did still have a great deal of fun walking around and spending time with Ant as well as seeing a bit farther out of my little world of Rhode Island. I want to go back the next opportunity we can because I feel we would do a better job with planning and seeing more area in a short time.

One of the most interesting places we visited was Western Cemetery in Portland. It's the second oldest cemetery in town and is in a beautiful neighborhood. I walked around to complete an Ingress mission there which brought me through the entire place. It was a fun place to explore on a wet and dreary day!

I was even able to find a Necronomicon shirt in homage to H. P. Lovecraft, giving me a little feel for my Rhode Island home all the way in Maine!

I can't wait to go back again as well as travel to other places.  This was our first trip but I enjoyed going out.  I want to make these trips happen as frequently as our schedules and budgets will allow.  I think it is both great for leisure and experiencing more of the world as well as a way for Anthony and I to spend quality time together.

Ingress missions completed:  002
1.  Mysterious Western Cemetery (Portland, Maine)
2.  Athena's Fury  (Portland, Maine)
New total:  018/500, IGN:  Nicolethebomb